There are many benefits of using antibacterial hand sanitiser and why you should be using it.  Keeping hands clean is a basic part of any personal hygiene routine. Not only does it minimise the risk of picking up unwanted germs and bacteria, but if you are sick, taking care to maintain scrupulous hand hygiene helps to prevent your germs infecting someone else. Although hand washing is a simple, yet thorough, way of keeping hands clean, there are many situations where it's just not possible to easily access washing facilities. In addition, many public washing facilities may not be particularly hygienic, meaning the hand washing is of reduced benefit. In these circumstances, an antibacterial hand sanitiser is a great alternative.

What are the benefits of an antibacterial hand sanitiser?

Provided the hand sanitiser contains more than 60% alcohol, the solution is an effective way of killing bacteria and viruses. Hand sanitiser with lower levels of alcohol may simply delay the multiplication of the germs, or reduce their capabilities. Because of its format, hand sanitiser has a number of advantages over traditional soap and water or other methods of cleaning on the go.

Hand sanitiser actually kills germs!

Unlike other forms of portable cleaning materials (such as tissues, wet wipes, a damp flannel or a water spray bottle), hand sanitiser actually does kill germs and bacteria. Whilst a wet wipe may remove germs through mechanical means, they're not dead, simply displaced. Displacement leaves behind live, active germs on the skin. In addition, particularly if the hands aren't dried swiftly and completely after wiping, the germs are left in a warm, damp environment - the perfect conditions to multiply. In comparison, hand sanitiser actually kills germs, preventing them from replicating.

Mechanical and chemical cleaning in one

When you wash your hands, germs are removed both mechanically (through the washing movements) and chemically (through the action of soap or detergent). In a similar way, when you use a hand sanitiser, the washing movements employed to distribute the sanitiser evenly across the hands helps to dislodge dirt and grime. The alcohol in the sanitiser then kills remaining germs. This double action gives a greater level of effectiveness than simply cleaning or disinfection. Remember that for best effect, the sanitiser needs to be left to dry, providing an anti-microbial layer on the surface of the skin.

Highly portable

A custom hand sanitiser can go anywhere! When traditional hand washing facilities aren't available, hand sanitiser is a good alternative. Whether it's next to workers on a desk or checkout point, carried for individual use as and when needed or forms part of a corporate hygiene solution, hand sanitiser can go almost anywhere that people congregate.

Convenient, one bottle solution

Whilst other cleaning options require a method of wetting, one for drying and potentially a further aid for disinfecting, hand sanitiser performs a complete cleaning operation using just one product. Easy to use and convenient to carry, hand sanitiser is a compact item that gives great results.

Can be used to wipe items down before use

As well as being the perfect aid to keep hands clean, hand sanitiser can be used to clean surfaces, phones, handles, push buttons and any other item that needs sanitising before use. Whilst hand sanitiser isn't recommended for cleaning utensils or food surfaces (the high concentration of alcohol in hand sanitiser could be toxic in large quantities), as a generic disinfectant for small areas when there's no access to conventional cleaning methods, it works well.

Why opt for branded hand sanitiser?

Hand sanitiser is a high-profile item that's carried by many people who want clean, fresh hands. Not only is your logo right in front of your audience when they're using a promo hand sanitiser, but the hand sanitising process also ensures that, for a minute or two, they're unlikely to be distracted by a phone or laptop. For the time they're using the product, it's likely that they will be focused on little other than the label! For this reason, promotional hand sanitiser is likely to promote greater awareness of your brand than other, more traditional, promotional items. With greater emphasis being placed on hand sanitation, a hand sanitiser with logo isn't just a thoughtful gift to your target audience, it's also a fantastic way of showcasing your goods and services.

Ultimately, branded hand sanitiser is a popular product that has many advantages. Not only does it provide customers with something they will genuinely use and value, but hand sanitiser branding is also one that's likely to stand out, simply because of how it's used. With a variety of fragrances and sizes available, it's possible to have promotional hand sanitiser that's specifically geared to the needs of your audience.

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